Nowadays, family offices handle a variety of functions ranging from investment management and administration to other aspects directly linked to the functioning of a family business and the related wealth.

In this context, Family Offices can now establish their own administration hub while having access to an enhanced control of their assets along with an efficient and consolidated report.

They can then focus on the investment management aspects in an effort of preserving their wealth across generations under their core values and principles driving their business and lifestyle. To this end, we help them institutionalize their operations and wealth.

Core Services offered to Family Offices:

  • Fund Administration
  • Third Party Management Company (UCITS and AIF)
  • Reporting
  • Corporate accounting and domiciliation

In detail

  • Selection and structuring of the right vehicle for the safekeeping of their assets
  • Creation of an administration hub
  • Multi Custodian and depositary set-up
  • Consolidated and global reporting encompassing all asset classes
  • Trade and settlement flows
  • Liaison with authorities
  • Accounting of different vehicles
  • Risk Management for traditional and alternative investments
  • Key performance indicators