February 16, 2022


The two service providers redefined the scope of the services offered to the group Azimut

Adepa and Cesam united their efforts to support the group Azimut. Under the coordination of the latter, the two service providers redefined the scope of services offered to the group in order to better assist its operations and growth.

Following this change, Cesam confirms to be one of Azimut’s main providers for Middle Office support services, including NAV controls, Liquidity Management, Corporate Actions monitoring, and COVIP Reports.
At the same time, Adepa maintains its longstanding partnership with Azimut focusing on its core services of Third Party Management Company & AIFM, aiming to further streamline the growth of the group’s volume of mandates.

Alessandro D’Ercole, Managing Director of Adepa Global Services Italy and Global Head of Business Development at Adepa comments: “After years of an advantageous relationship with the group Azimut, this process marks an important moment in the evolution of our partnership in line with the growth strategies of our group. Through this process, Cesam has proven to be a highly professional counterparty to collaborate with. This development further strengthened the confidence to develop new projects in the partnership with Azimut.”

Gabriele Lobascio, Board Member of Cesam (a company of the group MutuiOnLine spa) adds: “Adepa demonstrated its seriousness and high professionalism, guaranteeing Cesam the necessary support for a smooth transition of services provided to Azimut. Thanks to the renewed trust by Azimut, Cesam continues its growing and positioning path on the Asset and Wealth Management market and completes its proposition by making available new and additional BPO Services accompanied by latest generation Technological Platforms dedicated to Financial Intermediaries.”



Adepa is an independent and global leading provider of specialized asset servicing. Since 1980, Adepa delivers outstanding support and develops tailor-made solutions to asset managers operating around the world. The Group is currently present in Luxembourg (Headquarters), Italy, Spain and Chile. For more than 40 years, Adepa has earned distinction for its entrepreneurial approach, service innovation and unique client focus.

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Cesam is a company of the group Mutui On Line Spa – a company present on the market for over 20 years that makes its services available in the fields of Mortgage, Real Estate, Financing, Insurance, Leasing & Rental and Investment Services. Cesam is a captive company of the Mutui On Line group dedicated to supporting all the activities carried out by Financial Intermediaries. Mutui On Line group characterizes its offer to Financial Intermediaries thanks to a long-standing consolidated experience of process and technology.

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