Our Group operates ADEPA Asset Management S.A. a Luxembourg based Management Company subject to the chapter 15 of the Luxembourg law of 17 December 2010 relating to undertakings for collective investment (for UCITS) and chapter 2 of the Luxembourg law of 12 July 2013 on alternative investment fund managers (for AIFs).

An extensive knowledge and proven experience of the teams members allow us to deal with projects of all kind of assets and that whatever the degree of complexity of a project is.

Every day, our Client Leaders work closely with the specialists departments in order to deliver a full support to the Investment Managers allowing them to focus then on the portfolio management only.

Finally, our permanent improvement approach combined with the services customization is what makes Adepa as the leading solution oriented Asset Servicing player.

Main roles

The provision of the Management Company and AIFM roles comprise, without being limited to, the following aspects:

  • Corporate governance of the investment fund
  • Providing the required substance
  • Evolution of the fund’s assets & performance
  • Independent supervision of the NAV
  • Implementation of Risk Management Process
  • Identification and monitoring of the Fund’s risk profile
  • Investment compliance issues
  • Monitor operational risks
  • Assessment of delegated activities (including Due Diligence, SLAs and liabilities)
  • Ongoing relationship with the external auditor of the fund
  • Production of the recurrent Board’s report



Risk management

  • Risk Management Process and Permanent Risk Management Function.
  • Risk on the Fund portfolios (limits, risk appetite, risk modelling & aggregation techniques.
  • Fund portfolio risk (limits, risk appetite, risk modelling & aggregation techniques)
  • On-going control of the evolution of the fund’s assets.
  • Performance and risk management reports

Investment management Support

  • Setup of new funds starting from a blank page
  • Setup and running of all type of asset-classes funds, from plain vanilla portfolio to the more complex CTA’s.
    • Traditional securities (equity, bond, derivative, money-market, etc.)
    • Funds and hedge funds
    • Automatized trading
    • Loans
    • Private Equity
  • Permanent legal support
  • Middle-Office activities
  • Front office with a strong and efficient broker network
  • Pre-trade and post-trade compliance monitoring
  • 360° management of funds daily activities
  • Support in distribution activities

Fund compliance

  • Assurance that the Fund is in line with the investment policy and investment restrictions in line with the CSSF circular(s), that the performance of the Fund is in line with market trends during the period under review.
  • Active & Passive Breaches detection and remediation. Calculation of the impact for the fund and shareholders/unitholders & CSSF information. Description of enhancement of the procedures to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Update on fund compliance checks, such as counterparty risk, derivatives, deposits, etc.
  • List of illiquid securities with comments from the portfolio manager.