Adepa offers Risk Management and Investment Compliance services to third parties.

Our dedicated and independent Risk Management team provides services to collective investment schemes incorporated under UCITS and AIFM Directives.

This is a state-of-the-art solution that goes from identification to measurement, monitoring and reporting of the risks, covering all sort of liquid and non-liquid asset classes, including OTC Derivatives, Private Equity, Real Estate and Venture Capital.

Our fully integrated service includes

  • Investment compliance to UCITS and/or AIF legal requirements or investment policy, including pre and post-compliance checks
  • Global Exposure monitoring through VaR (absolute or relative) or Commitment Approach.
  • Liquidity Risk management, through a recognised model taking into account the Asset and Liability side.
  • Stress Testing, with several scenarios available (e.g. September 11th , Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, Euro stress scenario, etc. )
  • Counterparty Risk monitoring.
  • Credit Risk analysis.
  • Operational Risk assessment through a methodical qualitative method.
  • Reputational Risk advices (trustworthiness of the fund, Management Company or Investment Manager, services providers).
  • AIFMD regulatory reporting including the risk calculations under ESMA guidelines
  • Independent Reports.
  • Ad-hoc calculations
  • Due Diligences.
  • Governance and management reports for the governing bodies of investment funds and other entities

Full Outsourcing.

We have a modular approach where you can get one of the services or you may even opt to fully outsource your Permanent Risk Management Functions to us.