Governance traceability solutions

Adepa provides IT solutions for Conducting Officers and Fund Directors, allowing them to prove their supervision activity on the entities under their mandates in front of regulators and auditors.

Our solutions facilitate the integration of data from different sources and the generation the necessary KPIs for having the best updated control experience.

Moreover, our solutions help simplify the information sharing and record keeping of all the relevant data that needs to be followed up by the ultimate responsible persons of each fund.

Additionally, Adepa offers a specific solution with regards to the exercise of the voting rights to asset managers, insurance companies and banking groups. This solution provides the necessary information and approval flows to exercise the voting rights related to each portfolio.

All governance traceability solutions provided by Adepa allow the following:

  • Customization of each client hierarchical structure
  • Proof of activity for all users in front of third parties
  • Integration with different data bases
  • Workability with Microsoft Office documents
The solutions are provided in cooperation with Alembeeks Group, a specialized player in the field.