What is Client Leadership and the Client Leader?

“Client Leadership” is an innovative and unique solution-oriented approach adopted in the frame of all the daily services provided to our clients.

It is a new model of interacting with clients in the financial services sector.


Definition of the model:

  • Firstly, this means a dedicated team member – “Client Leader” – who follows a limited number of clients/funds enabling her/him to allocate the required energy to all clients’ needs and requests, without any particular time restrictions.
  • Secondly, the daily activities are all the time run with a turnkey and clients or funds interests considerations with a very limited involvement from them.
  • In addition, every request and requirement made by the client is evaluated together with the relevant representative, with careful consideration given prior to any execution or coordination.
  • Every given counsel takes into consideration the legal, technical, governance, and operational matters and is handled with two key drivers: tailor made solutions with a regular and close follow-up both for daily as well as extraordinary activities. It is in such context that Adepa Client Leaders work every day and deliver optimal solutions to its clients and funds with regards to their interests and the committed services.
  • Finally, the enforcement of the Client Leadership concept with its two mentioned key-drivers makes Adepa successful and unique in the Luxembourgian fund industry market.

Global Focus

  • The Client Leaders build and run projects with no geographic limitations working every day on international product developments and cover all continents, from traditional modern economies to small and developing countries.
  • Adepa already covers an extensive picture of markets (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, France, South-Africa, Singapore, Chile…) and is able to develop products or services in multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Greek).


The Client Leader

  • The Client leader is the representative of the client in front of the Company and the representative of the Company in front of the client.
  • The Client leader is vested with all powers to liaise internally with all operating units and provide the client with as speedy and accurate answer and, when required, a solution to any matter.
  • We focus our deliverable in a framework of partnership: this is the Client Leadership Approach.